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Adult DBT Skills Training Class

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills training class is for those who struggle to regulate their emotions and who are wanting to decrease ineffective behaviors. In DBT four sets of skills are taught: mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. Combined, these skills give you the tools to be more effective in your life and to "build a life worth living." 

DBT Skills Training at Green Couch Counseling

 DBT is an interactive class teaching skills to be more effective in all aspects of your life. DBT is an evidenced based practice that brings calm to chaotic relationships; decreases unwanted behaviors; and teaches processing emotion through understanding of your emotions.  The class is 21 weeks, broken into three 7-week modules: emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. Mindfulness skills are taught in all modules. 


Skills Training Modules You Will Participate In: 

1) Emotion Regulation: You will learn skills that change your relationship with your emotions. Emotion regulations skills decrease emotional suffering and  teach what emotions do for you.

2) Distress Tolerance: These are not for everyday use, but are to use when in crisis, when having an urge to self harm, or to prevent a situation from becoming worse or creating new problems. 

3) Interpersonal effectiveness: These skills allow you to function more effectively in relationships and improve your communication.

DBT classes cost $60/ week. We do not accept private insurance for DBT skills training, however, Colorado Access Medicaid does pay for skills training classes.  We ask that you commit to 1 module or 7 weeks when joining a skills class. The whole program is 21 weeks. 

We currently have two class session times to choose from:


Monday Evenings 5:00- 6:30pm

Wednesday Lunch 11:30am-1pm

All classes are being conducted via video telehealth

We are here to answer any questions you have.


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