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Individual and Group Psychotherapy

Seeking counseling takes courage and can feel scary, but it can also be a rewarding and incredible process of growth and transformation. At Green Couch Counseling, the experience is made to be comfortable and meaningful to you! Below are a few areas of speciality at Green Couch Counseling.

We specialize in working with the tech industry! Whether you're in dev, sales, support, or management, the industry brings unique elements to it. Tech is more than code and computers. IT requires deadline management, long late work hours, and high stress. You are challenged to remain flexible to never ending changes and development. If you're not properly managing your mental health, you can quickly become stuck or burned out. Let us help you learn skills to better manage the unique elements to being in the tech industry and your mental health.

We commonly see programmer burnout and depression, anxiety, ADHD, identity issues, low self-esteem/confidence, occupational stress and dating relationship/stress. Contact us now to discuss resources for your team or to see how we can be a resource to your mental health.

Technology Industry

No matter how big or small a distressing event- it likely impacts your daily life. Whether it shows up as anxiety, nightmares, depression, or effects your relationships you have the opportunity to take back control and heal from this experience. At Green Couch Counseling we work to help you understand changes in your brain that occur with trauma, teach you skills to cope with distress, and work to change your cognitions around the event through processing. 


If you're not feeling effective in relationships, at work, or have a sense of hopelessness: learning to process your emotions will help you feel in more control of your life. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a skills based therapy. DBT focuses on becoming more effective in relationships while approaching life more mindfully. You will gain skills that allow you to feel in control of your emotions. DBT is offered in a group setting or individually.

Emotional Processing

Life transitions are hard and show up at all stages of our lives. Whether you're moving, changing careers, or feeling stuck let us help you problem solve, make better decisions and become comfortable with an uncomfortable process. 

"The Curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am then I start to change." - Carl Rogers"

Life Transitions
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